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Your Brand

Creativity is vitally important for the growth of your business. At LOVEN, we make sure that your brand and designs are well protected, locking that success in place.

If you have any concerns with copyright or intellectual property matters, we can help. LOVEN are here to protect or defend your brand both in the UK and across the world, helping you to ensure that it is a valuable asset to your business.

Your Innovation

You have a brilliant idea. It’s so good, you need to protect it. A patent could be the answer. As Chartered Patent Attorneys, we can advise you and ensure that your ideas will be well looked after, meaning no one can take them from you.

Not sure your ideas can be patented? We can help you through all the legal criteria, giving you the confidence that your innovative ideas are safe and secure.

Your peace of mind

LOVEN are your professional firm of Chartered Patent Attorneys and European Trademark Attorneys. Our vast legal expertise and worldwide knowledge ensure that your business is thoroughly protected.

Our highly qualified local teams and our network of overseas Associates around the world enable us to assist and enforce your intellectual property (IP) rights in all of your markets. Click here for some customer testimonials, to give you added peace of mind.


Are you having issues with copyright? Could your brand be at risk? Are you not completely sure if your idea needs to be patented? What does a patent even do anyway?

If you are having trouble answering these questions or more, your LOVEN resource centre has the answer. It is full of useful hints and tips that will explain why your business needs to protect its intellectual property and how. Need further help? Please get in touch with the LOVEN team today.

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